tabby and wardell

A little drawing based on the Animal Crossing direct. The new character Wardell is so cute!

kirby going pit pat

Art based on the trailer of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I love the post apocalyptic scenery. Pit pat pit pat feet noises : )

kirby is resting

Kirby is resting. Based on the new game announced, Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

let me paint you a picture

Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters! First is Ignatz: I love his crit quote and character in general. The second is Bernadetta (or Bernie bear), if Grappler was not a genderlocked class:

rayquaza vs duraludon

This is a commissioned drawing of a battle between Rayquaza and Duraludon!

exploring splatsville

I drew this in excitement for Splatoon3. It’s my inkling exploring the new city!

Cheer Drawings (13 pics)

A series of little “cheers” I drew for and event in The Bell Tree Forums. I took the chance to draw some Nintendo characters in different happy poses. I drew 1 drawing a day, and here they are in order of when I drew them:

tabby dream

I had a dream where everyone turned their head and became Tabby from Animal Crossing.

champions (4 pics)

I played around with a solid textured brush similar to the promotional art of BOTW and Age of Calamity. Revali in particular is fun and I love the Rito aesthetic :’D

iki vs guardians (4 pics)

(A short comic) My friend IKI dodging guardian beams while my friend dizzy and I watch. From Breath of the Wild.


Dolly got replaced… A drawing of Banette from Pok√©mon~ Banette holds grudges and live their life haunting the one who threw them away/