playing pakemon (bokura)

Fanart for the game Bokura! I really like this game!! I tried to make the bench and streetlamp more toy-ish in scale to suit the chibi-like proportions of the kids.


A Splatoon x Witch Hat Atelier crossover! I started reading Witch Hat Atelier recently and I love the art and witch outfits. I wanted to draw Coco as an inkling since I’m also still in a Splatoon phase. There isn’t much of it, but I did include some hatching to match some vibes from the manga. I also drew Tetia as an inkling since I thought her hair would be cute!

post-apocalypse pokemon

Exploring a post-apocalyptic world! This was for a commission, and it was a lot of fun to do! These greens and blues are becoming my comfort colors to use.

salmonids at play

Some smallfry playing hopscotch! I really wanted to draw a background inspired by the maps and aesthetic of Salmon Run. The sketches were really fun to do, I was doing it initially with a more “doodle-y” mindset, not really planning too much how I wanted it to look. The grates over the top are vaguely based on the grates on Marooner’s Bay in Salmon Run. I was having trouble visualizing the lighting I wanted, so I made a pretty crude model of my background in blender to help me.

snow day

Torchic and piplup set out in the new year Torchi and piplup build a snowmon Torchic and piplup go sledding Torchic and piplup skate under the stars These adventures are based on these needle felts that I made for my friend and sister for the holidays!

tinkaton's smithy

Tinkaton from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! I love this design so much, and I thought the blacksmith theme was really cute. Tinkaton is probably more of a menace, but I wanted to draw a more cozy scene and create a workshop for her. There’s a little side detail where she is making the evolution armors for the charcadet line. It probably doesn’t work in canon since charcadet’s armor is supposed to have history with the previous wearer, but maybe it could be a thing in a mystery dungeon game ToT

keeping smallfry

This inkling has been keeping smallfry >_> This started off as me just wanting to make a small drawing for Splatoon 3, and I didn’t intend to make a full background for it. I actually completely finished this drawing from the small idea before changing my mind to extend it all the way. But since this started as more of a doodle, the way I drew it wasn’t really scalable. It felt like if I extended this directly, then the final drawing would appear incorrect.

custom goo tuber

Based on the inkling with the custom goo tuber in the table turf war cards!

new mauville

New Mauville, an abandoned power plant inhabited by electric type pokemon. Visually, this is based more on Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire rather than the original games, but I took a lot of liberties with it ToT I drew this for @HoennZine (on twitter, tumblr, and instagram)!

slateport city market

The Slateport City market from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! One of my most nostalgic pokemon spots :') I drew this for @HoennZine (on twitter, tumblr, and instagram)!

upgrade for porygon2

The plan is to become a better buffer porygon2.


Cover art for the grass type zine!

kirby going pit pat

Art based on the trailer of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I love the post apocalyptic scenery. Pit pat pit pat feet noises : )

kirby is resting

Kirby is resting. Based on the new game announced, Kirby and the Forgotten Land! I love the post-apocalyptic-overgrown-rusty aesthetic. Small sketches of ideas for other illustrations I could make vaguely based on the trailer for the game. A few months after I finished I decided to change it again to see if sunbeams would improve the lighting! I prefer this version alone, but it looks more out of place when placed with the rest of my art.

ac island 0

This is a drawing based on my friend Peter’s Animal Crossing island! Screenshot is below, and he shares his AC stuff on his tumblr @ wasabicrossing. I was planning to draw some of my other friends' islands too when I get the time! I drew all these thumbnails at around the same time based on areas that inspired me:

rayquaza vs duraludon

This is a commissioned drawing of a battle between Rayquaza and Duraludon! Initially I had all the smoke outlined like I drew them in the thumbnails, but I ended up scrapping it for a more painted look so that it feels softer with some translucency.