floating pandas

Panda ghosts for spooky season in 2023! I initially wanted to focus on drawing the street/alleyway with this lighting in mind, but as I was thinking about it I thought it would be a cute place for the panda ghosts to float around in. Color wip! The coloring was more straightforward since I knew vaguely what I wanted– for the alley to be in shadow with the back street being brightly lit (from the thumbnail).

midautumn nap

A little piece for the mid autumn festival. I wanted a closely packed area full of props near the walls to give off a warm and cozy feeling. I’ve been focusing on my lineart, and it was a big part of my drawing process for this. I wanted more variation in line width and for my lines not to feel too structured with some sketchiness here and there.

heavy rain

I wanted to make use of grays for the background, with warm colors coming from the van.

ant architect

The architect behind ant homes.

ant kitchen

A little kitchen space for the ants!

ant house

I was looking at doll houses recently and it made me want to draw diorama art.

duckling bath

Not my usual style but I was playing with brushes and this came out! There are a lot of ducklings out recently.

fairy bunny (day and night vers)

This is a redraw of one of my childhood drawings. I used to love drawing these little fairy bunnies. I changed the background a lot from my old drawing which featured just a gate, but I remember drawing things like gates and doors as a kid to embody the things behind them. This is both because I was too lazy to think of a background I want, and also so I could imagine anything I wanted on the other side.

slow life

Crocs and cats living together. I wanted to focus a lot more on improving my lighting skills for this drawing. I tried to make the shadows and lights more clear than my previous art. For my initial idea I just wanted to design an outdoor space for crocodiles. I was inspired from running around Animal Crossing and imagining decorations I wanted– the end result might be quite different from Animal Crossing though!

kitty library

A cozy little book room! I wanted to draw a comfy space with warm colors.

fishing trip

Cats on a fishing trip! This started off as a simple doodle-ish drawing, but I played with the colors and decided I wanted some darker lighting with glowing lotus flowers as the background.


Some panda ghosts for spooky season! They are called BamBOOs. Ideas I had for panda ghost illustrations.

porcelain city

This is a commission I did for Mistreil’s characters in their procelain world, Myag Mell.

small swims

Baby geese going for a swim. I tried my best, but they’ll probably be mistaken for ducklings since I didn’t add much brown to their coloring ToT. The initial linework felt a bit unbalanced while I was flipping the canvas, so I ended up adding some flower petals to the right edge of the water. At first I thought it might’ve been too small a detail, but I think this helps a lot because of how the pink color pops against the other colors in the area.

pawful traffic

Stuck in traffic on the interstate catway… This is just pawful :( Some sketches for when I had an idea to draw cat cars A WIP for the piece. I ended up moving the horizon line up so there wasn’t so much sky, and more attention could be focused on the traffic.

sibling dino

Going on a dinosaur adventure! This was a birthday gift for my sister. (I drew us as how we looked when we were little!) My main goal when deciding colors was making sure the brachiosaur that my sister and I are riding would stand out from the environment.

flying with the crocs

Exploring an elevated flying-croc city! When I started this I was just experimenting with how I wanted to stylize my crocodile. I wasn’t planning to draw a background or make this a full illustration until I realized how attached I was to the crocodile I drew (lol). I think the end result as a drawing feels a little stiff overall because I approached it this way, but it’s still cute I think.

trick or treat

Trick-or-treat in the cat neighborhood! I wanted to draw cat life with cardboard houses, in time for Halloween. Here’s some sketches for the composition and cat poses, along with the sketch for my cat tower drawing:

kitty tower

A cardboard box house for the kittens! I’m hoping to expand this idea into a cat town.


This my first time trying to work on an interior for the purpose of having an interior. It’s very impractical, but the crocodile’s presence is cute to me. Since I wanted to get some practice in with interiors, it was initially just a laundry room, but I eventually added a crocodile, and then it turned into a room with water on the floor, however impractical. I thought having lots of props would make it feel more home-y.

visiting a friend

I was just imagining a world where crocodiles fly. I felt my coloring/painting in some of my other drawings felt a bit muddy, so for this one most of my coloring was done with just the hard circle brush (no special opacity property). I used an opacity brush for bigger gradients and the clouds, and I didn’t use any smudging/blending properties in my brushes. I think this works pretty well for the cartoonish way I draw, but I might try to bring back blending again later when I think I can pull it off.

gooey bird library

A gooey bird library where the birds help with getting books from the shelves. Some sketches for the character and bird design, and library design I always found bookshelves pretty intimidating to draw since they have a lot of detail and uniformity. I don’t think I drew them in a way I’m most happy with in this drawing– Next time I draw a library/bookshelves I want to make them more wonky and less uniform.

modular chickens

A concept where little chicks make up parts of a machine or tool.


Best friends. I drew the background from a photograph I took in Iceland.