kitty city chaos

There’s chaos and panic in cat town after a giant appears! In early sketches I wasn’t sure about what to put in the back– I originally had a human child but I decided I wanted to keep the kitty society artwork to be mostly of cat activities and conflicts. There’s early concept art of the selfie cat too :3 For colors I wanted it to be warmer than the drawings I’ve been doing lately.


A crocodile themed city with crocodile themed transportation. These were my sketches while planning the transportation concept. For the actual drawing, it was initially just showing parts of the city, but I eventually changed it to have a little side story of a car diving where they shouldn’t be and a heckered mouse trying to stop it. This wip blocked in where I wanted light and shadow. It’s also a more full view with the rooftop included, and I decided to crop it later to bring the scene closer to the ground.

pawful traffic

Stuck in traffic on the interstate catway… This is just pawful :( Some sketches for when I had an idea to draw cat cars: A WIP for the piece. I ended up moving the horizon line up so there wasn’t so much sky, and more attention could be focused on the traffic.

sibling dino

Going on a dinosaur adventure! This was a birthday gift for my sister. (I drew us as how we looked when we were little!) Here are my thumbnails and wips: My main goal when deciding colors was making sure the brachiosaur that my sister and I are riding would stand out from the environment.

flying with the crocs

Exploring an elevated flying-croc city! When I started this I was just experimenting with how I wanted to stylize my crocodile. I wasn’t planning to draw a background or make this a full illustration until I realized how attached I was to the crocodile I drew (lol). I think the end result as a drawing feels a little stiff overall because I approached it this way, but it’s still cute I think.

trick or treat

Trick-or-treat in the cat neighborhood! I wanted to draw cat life with cardboard houses, in time for Halloween. Here’s some sketches for the composition and cat poses, along with the sketch for my cat tower drawing:

kitty tower

A cardboard box house for the kittens! I’m hoping to expand this idea into a cat town.

turning office socks into penguin socks

This is inspired by a pair of socks my friend owns. My thumbnails: I was mostly choosing between the side view or the front view, and then I while figuring out a background, I ended up designing the whole interior area. It was fun and felt like placing furniture down in Animal Crossing.


This my first time trying to work on an interior for the purpose of having an interior. It’s very impractical, but the crocodile’s presence is cute to me. Since I wanted to get some practice in with interiors, it was initially just a laundry room, but I eventually added a crocodile, and then it turned into a room with water on the floor, however impractical. I thought having lots of props would make it feel more home-y.

visiting a friend

I was just imagining a world where crocodiles fly. I felt my coloring/painting in some of my other drawings felt a bit muddy, so for this one most of my coloring was done with just the hard circle brush (no special opacity property). I used an opacity brush for bigger gradients and the clouds, and I didn’t use any smudging/blending properties in my brushes. I think this works pretty well for the cartoonish way I draw, but I might try to bring back blending again later when I think I can pull it off.

gooey bird library

A gooey bird library where the birds help with getting books from the shelves. Here are some sketches for the character and bird design, and library design: I always found bookshelves pretty intimidating to draw since they have a lot of detail and uniformity. I don’t think I drew them in a way I’m most happy with in this drawing– Next time I draw a library/bookshelves I want to make them more wonky and less uniform.


The happy-go-lucky bunny and the tired ant go on vacation together.

bird people town

A colorful town of people who wear bird masks and try to live like birds. Before coloring I did sketch out a few different color scheme ideas. I tried different leaves mostly, because I wanted the trees to be colorful, but I ended up settling for the less “loud” blue in the end. I’m still working on being able to be more bold with my colors, and that is a work in progress.

mountain town

I spent a lot of time on this one, challenging myself to do more buildings and straight lines (kind of). This is the beginning of my dive into serious background study.

modular chickens

A concept where little chicks make up parts of a machine or tool.

ant meets ant

Following a concept of ant people. In this world, the ants (and other plant and animal life) have been taken over by “goo” to become more hostile. To adapt to the situation, people crafted magic veils to wear to allow themselves to live among the new “monsters.” Here’s a drawing of an ant person meeting this world’s ant while they were out foraging ;u; Here are sketches of the ant people design.


Best friends. I drew the background from a photograph I took in Iceland.