sibling dino

Going on a dinosaur adventure! This was a birthday gift for my sister.

flying with the crocs

Exploring an elevated flying-croc city!

trick or treat

Trick-or-treat in the cat neighborhood!

kitty tower

A cardboard box house for the kittens! I’m hoping to expand this idea into a cat town.

turning office socks into penguin socks

This is inspired by a pair of socks my friend owns.

gooey bird library

A gooey bird library where the birds help with getting books from the shelves.


This my first time trying to work on an interior for the purpose of having an interior. It’s very impractical, but the crocodile’s presence is cute to me.

visiting a friend

I was just imagining a world where crocodiles fly. While drawing this I wanted to solve an issue I had with my previous drawings where it felt like very muddy at times, especially in the backgrounds. Most of the coloring here was done with only a regular circle brush with no opacity property to make my colors feel more solid. I only used an opacity brush for larger gradients overall like in the sky.


The happy-go-lucky bunny and the tired ant go on vacation together.

bird people town

A colorful town of people who wear bird masks and try to live like birds.

mountain town

I spent a lot of time on this one, challenging myself to do more buildings and straight lines (kind of).

modular chickens

A concept where little chicks make up parts of a machine or tool.


Clouds are fun :D

ant meets ant

Following a concept of ant people. In this world, the ants (and other plant and animal life) have been taken over by “goo” to become more hostile. To adapt to the situation, people crafted magic veils to wear to allow themselves to live among the new “monsters.” Here’s a drawing of an ant person meeting this world’s ant ;u; Here are sketches of the ant people design. They wear masks to live among magic ants.


Best friends. I drew the background from a photograph I took in Iceland.